Hotel Uniforms

In a hotel, the uniforms for the staff are very important, since they contribute to provide the professional image to be promoted.

Of course, you can’t tell a book by the cover, but the cover influences the readers’ first impression. The same happens for hotels, where the first impact is essential, to justify the trust the guests put on the hotel when they booked it.


Hotel uniforms: not all the staff is the same

Before buying hotel uniforms, it’s necessary to distinguish, because receptionists cannot wear the same professional wear of waiters. More than carrying out different tasks, some of which have a direct relationship with customers while others don’t have it, the different professional figures employed in a hotel have different needs.

Banally, chambermaids have to wear more comfortable and less bulky uniforms than doorkeepers, for obvious reasons: they clean the rooms, so their uniforms have to be practical and comfortable and make their movements easier. We know that such information can appear superfluous, but it happens often that those who order the professional wear for hotels undervalue this aspect.

In this article, therefore, we’d like to supply all the information you need before ordering the uniforms for your hotel, making a clear distinction among the tasks carried out by the hotel’s staff.